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Read This If You Want to Go Through the Adoption Process of a Child

For those seeking to adopt, opportunities to find children are available, often from unwed mothers facing unwanted pregnancies. 

Pro-Life Organizations like Sanctity of Life help women in such situations. However, with numerous groups, careful selection is crucial when searching for prospective parents or considering adoption. The process, whether adopting or placing a child for adoption, can be intricate, requiring exploration of various avenues.

If you are a pregnant woman contemplating abortion, then you can consider giving birth to your unwanted child and look for a suitable family for adoption.

Whether you want to offer your child for adoption or are interested in adopting a child, the journey is not very straightforward.

If you are searching for the best way for you, then you have several options, but two options that we will discuss are:

    • Egg donation
    • Adoption 

Let us try to know some of the pros and cons of these options to decide which option is best for you and your family.

Egg donation


  • You can become a parent and realize your ambition of raising a child.
  • IVF using donor eggs has a high success rate and enables childless individuals or couples to begin a family.
  • The chance to become parents to a child who shares a biological relationship with the father and siblings.
  • If you intend to take the pregnancy to term and are a biological woman, you can still go through birth and breastfeeding.


  • Finding a donor, you click with can take a long time.
  • It can be costly, 
  • Loss of the mother’s genetic connection.
  • Apprehension about telling your child and other loved ones
  • The creation of an embryo is not guaranteed.



  • You can become a parent and realize your ambition of raising a child.
  • By providing love to a child who might lack opportunities, adoptive parents contribute to positive outcomes. Studies indicate that adopted children have lower rates of substance abuse, higher high school graduation, college attendance, successful careers, and stronger relationships compared to those remaining in foster care.
  • Assisting birth parents who may struggle brings peace, knowing their child will be loved and well cared for through your support.


  • Typically, it takes nine to twelve months to locate an adoption opportunity.
  • It may cost a great deal. The price range for domestic baby adoption is $40k to $70k and higher.
  • The biological parent is entitled to a change of heart. Any time during the pregnancy or even within 30 days after the adoption based on rule of the state. 
  • Open adoptions, common in most cases, may involve birth parents wanting involvement, posing potential challenges for adopting parents navigating relationships and boundaries.
  • Adoptive parent eligibility is state-regulated, varying based on factors like age, sexual orientation, and religious affiliation, emphasizing diverse legal criteria across locations.

Adoption and egg donation are unique paths to parenthood. Both offer the chance to raise a child, but considerations vary. Adoption involves providing opportunities to children in need, while egg donation allows a biological connection.

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