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How to prevent playing games from getting hot on your smartphone

Playing games on a smartphone is really fun, especially now that the choice of offline games and also online games is very diverse, but usually there are problems if some people have devices that are not too high end which makes playing uncomfortable, problems that often arise include storage problems considering the game Nowadays many of them are large, although there are also games with small sizes such as kakek merah slot, and also small RAM which causes the device to not be able to run optimally if there are lots of applications, then in this article we will discuss how to deal with smartphones that heat up quickly when playing. playing games (overheating), maybe some of these tips can help you play more comfortably when playing.

  1. Reduces Graphic Quality

When you play games with a device with low specifications, never use high graphics, use medium or low. This step can help reduce the temperature of the smartphone’s CPU and GPU, although lowering the graphics to a lower level will make you feel worse. more comfortable when playing for a long time.

  1. Using Cooling

When your device doesn’t cool down when you lower the graphics settings, consider using additional accessories such as an external fan or cooling pad, this tool can really help reduce heat on your smartphone significantly. This accessory has been designed to help regulate and circulate air around the device, so that heat can be distributed more evenly and quickly, so that the device stays cooler for longer.

  1. Avoid playing while charging

Playing games while charging is one of the main causes of smartphones heating up quickly. Always avoid charging by playing games, especially playing heavy games such as games (PUBG and also Mobile Legends), the battery and other components will work harder, which causes an increase in temperature. It’s best to give your phone a rest while charging and continue playing once the battery is fully charged.

  1. Play games in a cool place

The environment where you play also affects the temperature of the smartphone. Playing in a cool room or using a fan can help keep the device temperature stable. Avoid playing in hot places or exposed to direct sunlight, as this can quickly increase the temperature of the phone. If you want it to be even cooler, you can also install an AC to cool the room by changing the air to cold.

  1. Updating Software

Always make sure your smartphone software is updated to the latest version. Software updates often bring bug fixes and performance improvements that can help reduce overheating. Apart from that, make sure the games you play are always updated to get optimal performance.

  1. Always clean cache and application data regularly

Accumulated cache and application data can burden the system and cause the phone to heat up quickly. Periodically clear the cache and data of unnecessary applications. This not only helps reduce heat, but can also improve overall device performance.

  1. Close unused applications

Too many applications will make smartphone performance worse, especially if you use too many applications that you don’t need to use, always consider routinely managing unused applications, regularly cleaning applications can make your device last longer when used long term.

  1. Using Power Saving Mode

Using power saving mode is a step that you can try if your device provides this feature. This feature can make your device more efficient in managing power usage, closing unnecessary applications, as well as cleaning the remaining cache on the device.

  1. Using a Temperature Management Application

There are several applications specifically designed to monitor and manage smartphone temperature. The app can provide real-time information about device temperature and provide recommendations for reducing heat. By using a temperature management application, you can more easily control and regulate smartphone use when playing games.

Playing games on a smartphone is fun, but overheating problems can reduce your enjoyment. By implementing the tips above, you can reduce the risk of your smartphone overheating quickly and enjoy a smoother and more comfortable gaming experience. Starting from using a smartphone with high specifications, lowering the graphics settings, to using cooling accessories, everything can help keep the device temperature stable. Don’t forget to always update the software and clear the cache regularly for optimal performance. Happy playing and hopefully your gaming experience will be even more enjoyable!

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